Super cool survival team forever :D

First day – team games
Prima zi – jocuri de echipa

Second day’s task: make a map of Timi’s property

Ziua a doua: realizati o harta a proprietatii lui Timi






Oh! No no! The leaders don’t have any difficulties πŸ˜›
Ah! Nu Nu! Liderii n-au nici o problema πŸ˜›


And the result:
Si resultatul:


After supper announcement: “Get ready. In 15 minutes we are leaving! We’ll spend the night outside.”
Dupa cina. Anunt: “Faceti-va bagajul. In 15 minute plecam. Vom innopta afara.”



And the big day has come. First day on the mountain.
Ziua cea mare a sosit: Prima zi pe munte.


Building the first shelter. Each one is helping.
Construind primul adapost. Fiecare ajuta cu ce poate.


Trying to befriend the cow, to give us some milk πŸ˜€
Incercand sa ne imprietenim cu vaca.. poate poate ne da ceva lapte πŸ˜€


Delightful supper:
Cina noastra delicioasa:



Don’t waste anything! Especially food πŸ˜€
Nimic nu se pierde! In special mancarea πŸ˜€


Almost the end of the first day..
Aproape de sfarsitul primei zile..


But wait! before going to sleep we have to find a cave..
Dar stai! inainte de a merge la somn mai trebuie sa gasim o pestere..


Second day: Cheile Somesului Cald
Ziua a doua: Cheile Somesului Cald

“Are you sure you know the way?”
“Esti sigura ca stii drumul?”



Look! Some backpacks πŸ˜€
Uite! Niste rucsaci πŸ˜€



Natural slide πŸ˜€ Yupyyyyy
Topogan natural πŸ˜€ Yupyyyyy


Lunch: Omnomnom, we’ve got ketchup! (Just pretend we also got pizza :P)
Pranz:Omnomnom, avem ketchup! (Imaginati-va ca avem si pizza :P)



We know precisely where we are!
Stim sigur unde ne aflam!


Or not?
Sau nu?




At Gura Botii cave
La pestera gura botii


Caught in the action: putting rocks into the other team’s backpack.
Prins in flagrant: in timp ce punea bolovani in rucsacul celeilalte echipe.



We can’t find the way…again!
Iarasi nu stim incotro sa mergem!


Third day: Leaders’ morning.
Ziua a treia: dimineata liderilor.



What it takes to make a gooood coffee πŸ˜€
Uite asa se face o cafea buuuuna πŸ˜€





Task: make a backpack and a pair of shoes from natural elements!
Sarcina: construiti-va un rucsac si o pereche de papuci din elemente naturale!


And then the imagination went wild:
Iar apoi imaginatia lor a luat-o razna:




Building a solid foundation
Construind o baza solida


for our awesome supper (and much more)
pentru cina noastra delicioasa (si pentru multe altele)






That’s Erik, if you had any doubts πŸ˜›
Daca va intrebati ce inseamna, e Erik πŸ˜›


After dinner: a good cup of hot tea and “long-expected” debriefing time:
Dupa cina: o ceasca buna de ceai fierbinte si “mult asteptata” reflexie



A new day. A glorious morning πŸ™‚
O zi noua. O dimineata glorioasa πŸ™‚






Okay.. maybe not that glorious
Okay…poate nu-i asa de glorioasa



But we had something new for breakfast: toasted bread and tea in the FinettiΒ  jar. (Told ya: Nothing is wasted!)
Dar am avut ceva nou pentru micul dejun: paine prajita si ceai servit in borcanul cu finetii. (V-am mai zis: Nimic nu se pierde!)


Morning lesson
Lectia de dimineata


While waiting for Erik and the guys to set up the ropes for climbing and repelling, the team had to make a square from the cordelina:
I timp ce asteptam Dupa Erik si ceilalti baieti sa instaleze corzile pt catarare si rapelare, echipa trebuie sa faca un patrat din cordelina:


Helping Ana to make a right angle. A bit difficult when you’re blindfolded πŸ˜›
Incercand sa o ajute pe Ana sa faca un unghi drept. Un pic cam dificil cand esti legat la ochi πŸ˜›


And then a “helmet-wanna-be” (more like a crown)
Iar apoi o “intentie-de -casca” (mai bine zis o coronita)




Next goal: Cetatile Ponorului
Urmatoarea tinta: Cetatile Ponorului


In the Dolina
In Dolina



Pffu, finally on the other side of Cetatile Ponorului cave..
Pfuu, in sfarsit am ajuns la capatul celalalt al pesterii..


And now: up we go!
Iar de acum: Hai sus!


Imaginary cord – psychological help πŸ™‚
Coarda imaginara – ajutor psihologic πŸ™‚

It was worth it! At Balcoane.
S-a meritat! La Balcoane.



Next goal: Pestera Barsei
Motto: if we loose the trail, we make our own trail πŸ˜‰

Urmatoarea tinta: Pestera Barsei
Motto: daca pierdem poteca, ne facem propria poteca πŸ˜‰


Sunset at Piatra Galbena
Apusul la Piatra Galbena



Last day (on our own, again, because we got rid of our leaders)
Ultima zi (singuri, din nou, pentru ca ne-am scapat de lideri)



Last meal:
Ultima masa:



The conclusion:

Making fun of the leaders:

Thank you Ebe, PDF, Timi, the other leaders and all of the participants for this year’s Survival!
Multumesc lui Ebe, PDF, lui Timi, celorlalti lideri si tuturor participantilor pentru acest Survival!


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